Furnace & Air Conditioning Filters – Minneapolis, St Paul, MN

Dirt and dust are the worst enemies of any heating and air conditioning system.  The air filter in your furnace is very important. Choosing an air filter is not that difficult to do – with the help of a highly trained professional from Forced Air One by your side. Installing an improper filter could cause your furnace to run hotter than it should and the air conditioner coil to freeze up. Call us today at (612) 616-6459 to have one of our professionals help you determine the right air filter for your home.

Some factors to consider when choosing an air filter that include:

  • Proper size of the duct
  • CFM of your furnace

Filter Pricing Information

1″ pleated (most common) high quality medium filtration. Typically a filter needs to be changed 4 times a year. Prices below do not include shipping. Many more available just call us at (612) 616-6459 or email us at forcedairone@q.com

  • 16x20x1
  • 16x25x1
  • 20x20x1
  • 20x25x1

Price: $8.00

  • 16x20x2
  • 16x25x2
  • 20x25x2

Price: $12.50

  • 16x25x4
  • 16x20x4

Price: $18.50